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Neues von Cinta

Cinta is an active, smart individual in good health who is progressing nicely in Nyaru Menteng’s Forest School Group 1.
Cinta is picking up vital foraging skills at Forest School through imitating the bigger orangutans in her group, and has just started learning how to forage for termites.
A babysitter recently saw her stick her finger in a termiteinvested, weathered tree trunk to extract the proteinrich morsels. She repeated the process and appeared to enjoy her snack.
Cinta is also getting better at identifying edible, young leaves. She carefully tastes leaves only after inspecting them with a good sniff, and tosses those away that she finds unpalatable. We have noticed that Cinta particularly loves to eat suli leaves - but only after giving each of them the once over!
Before lunchtime, babysitters guide Cinta and her peers in practicing their nest-building skills. Cinta quickly understands instructions and enthusiastically collects branches and twigs from nearby bushes to use them in her nest construction. After her lessons, she is always keen to regroup with her friends and play.
We are impressed by Cinta’s progress and are certain she will one day be a great female figure in the forest.


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